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MORE about dj dlux

With a career spanning  over 33 years, to summarise in just one short paragraph does not to do much justice to the many accomplishments of DJ Dlux, so we have opted to choose a rare and in depth interview by Erica Sharlette for those who wish to know more about the naturally private Dlux.  Below is the link to the download for those of you wishing to know more.  Enjoy.

The story so far....

#ESPspotlight on DJ Dlux

Original Interview by Erica Sharlette

I had the great pleasure of sitting down with a veteran of so many areas of this industry, I don't think I could actually name them all. One of the most humble people I have ever met, DJ Dlux has more than a few accomplishments under his belt but as I soon realised, is reluctantly shy to discuss them. We met when we worked together on Leela James' concert after party  I had originally wanted to interview Dlux about the complexities of urban radio culture,  instead I accidentally stumbled onto a lot more than that.


Read a few familiar things about this musical pioneer, but be prepared for a string of revelations along the way...

Download Full interview 
Special Skills
DJ, Engineer & Producer
Key Skills:
Sound Engineer & Technician, Video Production, Artist Management & Development, Stage Management & Curator,  Youth Mentor & avid gadget collector ; )
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