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After gaining success in the mid 90’s within the UK Garage scene as an engineer, dj & producer, whilst on Déjà vu Dlux teamed up with fellow producer and host Rob D’Riche as the ‘Dek Collectors’ as a UK garage collective and by 1999 had released Dek Collectors Volume 1.  Following Volume 1, The Dek Collectors had several more collaborations featuring UK Garage artist and MC’s, such as Lethal Bizzle, (More Fire Crew) Gods Gift, MC Vinyl,  MC Preshus & Hitman Hyper.


 After 2000, UKG was in transition. The scene had split and tracks were featuring more & more MC’s. Due to demand the sound of the Dek Collectors had morphed into a much harder UK sound and Dlux’s protégé Disle (D-Power) was brought in to the collective, to replace Rob who had left to pursue a solo career.  This was prior to the naming of the genre as UK Grime, which came a few years later.  


2001 was a controversial year for the Dek Collectors as they found the record distributor was reluctant to take on authentic UKG vocal tracks and instead opted to push the more MC based records, following the success of crews such as So Solid, Heartless & Pay As You Go. 


From 2002 onwards, much of Dlux’s time was spent on engineering & production work for the likes of East Connections, ft Kele LeRoc, The Knights, Kano & Hitman, Ruff Squad and Samurai, enabling him to become the go to person for young up and coming artists and producers and his studio doors were opened up for local talent, management and mentoring working with the likes of Rafik, DJ Bliss & Jammin.


Whilst in the UK & international club scene The Dek Collectors continue as a DJ collective.


** Coming soon** The Dek Collectors – Lost DATS.**

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